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College football fans have been clamoring for a new edition of EA Sports’ NCAA Football video game for years following the discontinuation of the series in 2013 following the Ed O’Bannon lawsuit against the NCAA. As issues over the name, likeness, and licensing involving student-athletes became a hot button issue, no one wanted to jump back into the fray until that was more defined.

There were some false alarms along the way but we finally got what sounded like promising news in 2021 when 247Sports’ Brandon Marcello reported that EA Sports planned to launch a new college football video game in summer 2023.

That became more cemented earlier this year when Extra Points with Matt Brown filed an Open Record Request with schools over EA Sports’ proposal and saw official materials targeting a July 2023 launch date.

Tuesday, Marcello shared an important update regarding EA Sports’ College Football ’24, saying that the game is expected to be available on next-gen consoles only and not on previous generation systems like PS4 and Xbox One.

The news was met with some strong reactions from the college football world as many were disappointed to hear that they wouldn’t be able to play the long-awaited game on their current gaming systems.

Meanwhile, others saw this as a sign that it was time to upgrade their gaming systems in order to play the game.

College Football ’24, which will be built on the same engine used for Madden 23, remains on target for next summer. We’ll see what other exciting and interesting details emerge between now and then.

[Brandon Marcello]

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