Well, this game changed quickly. Florida had kept things close with #1 Georgia at the big cocktail party, trailing 3-0 with halftime approaching.

Obviously scoring even three points against Georgia would be a tough task, but Florida’s defense clearly came to play, including a huge red zone interception that seemingly stole momentum from the Bulldogs.

Unfortunately for the Gators, momentum isn’t real, at least not in a predictive sense. Because right after that, Florida turned it over themselves; or more accurately, Georgia just took the ball away.

It took Georgia about seconds to capitalize:

But, still! 10-0 isn’t that bad, and there was time for Florida to try and mount a half-ending drive to get on the scoreboard. Except, no, that didn’t happen either.

But hey, maybe Florida can make a stand! Oh, wait, no.

But still, now down 17-0, Florida would have to try and extend the offense and try to make up some of these points before the half! Let’s see how they respond, and…welp.

That was three Georgia touchdowns in the last 2:30 of the first half, if you’re keeping track. And that’s why Georgia is #1; an absolutely ferocious defense and an offense that can make enough plays to take advantage. It sucks for neutral fans hoping for a real contest here, and it certainly sucks for Florida fans, if they had maintained (or god forbid discovered) a semblance of hope throughout that half.

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