Who knew doing something as dangerously idiotic as lunging your head through a pane of glass would result in a hospital visit?

Georgia pulled off an incredible comeback victory on Saturday, beating Missouri after scoring a 20-yard touchdown with just over a minute left to play. The touchdown had Bulldogs fans all over Georgia excited and celebrating. Twitter user @Jeffrey_moore7 filmed friend @Dinardo15 taking it to another level.

His buddy celebrated by going bonkers. He tossed a cooler and jumped up and down in his home. He then took it one step too far, jumping towards the door and launching himself through a window.

I pray for @Dinardo17’s sake the video wasn’t planned. I believe it might have been, but I’m trying to give him the benefit of the doubt of at least being excitedly, uncontrollably stupid as opposed to carefully cultivated stupid.

He had to be hospitalized for multiple cuts. He posted photos of the celebration injuries on Twitter, seeming oddly proud of his dumbassery. (NSFW)

I’ve got no words.

Thirst for viral fame was strong with @Dinardo15 and he was willing to sacrifice his body in order to gain it. It’s a funny video, but I’ve lost brain cells watching it. Please don’t do this again @Dinardo15.


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