For those who love debating whether the best college team could beat the worst pro team in a certain sport, this one is for you.

It seems pretty clear at this point that Alabama has firmly established itself as the No. 1 college football team in the country. Meanwhile, the Cleveland Browns have established themselves as the worst team in the NFL. This naturally leads to the argument of whether the Crimson Tide could beat Cleveland. We found out Tuesday that Vegas does not like Alabama’s odds.

During Tuesday’s Paul Finebaum Show, the mouth of the south asked handicapper Danny Sheridan what the spread would be between the Crimson Tide and Browns. Sheridan responded that Alabama would be a 27-point underdog.

Yep. It’s hardly a surprise that Finebaum’s show would be where the Alabama vs. Cleveland argument lives. And as Finebaum’s base sees it, the Crimson Tide have a chance of staying within 27 of the NFL’s worst team.

Look, if you need to be told why this is a dumb argument, there is no faith for you at this point. NFL teams contain a much higher level of talent, even if they can’t win a game at the pro level. But hey, whatever it takes to fill time on talk radio.

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