You might be a big college football fan, but sometimes it’s good to be reminded just how little much of the country knows about the sport. Especially when it comes to the Teen Tournament.

This clip is from Jeopardy’s Teen Tournament, but it’s still relevant, in that it’s funny. A group of contestants was asked about a university that was very clearly Nebraska:

You can write for its Prairie Schooner literary mag, plus you’re 6’5″, 330—you’d be a good Cornhusker lineman at this U.

Except the first contestant chose… Oklahoma. Here’s the full video:


To be fair, he looks pretty young, and the last time Nebraska was nationally relevant in football, he was probably a toddler.

Then it got even better. The contestants were shown a picture of Touchdown Jesus at Notre Dame… and nobody knew what it was. Granted, it’s Notre Dame, so why would anyone recognize it on sight?

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