The visitor’s locker room at Iowa’s Kinnick Stadium is painted pink, an outdated and likely misguided attempt at psychological warfare. But Jim Harbaugh isn’t one to ignore any potential competitive advantage or disadvantage.

So the Michigan equipment team took matters into their own hands ahead of the Wolverines primetime clash with the Hawkeyes. Take a look at the video:

The walls, lockers, and just about any other flat surface are covered with a combination of posters, flags, blown up art, and maybe even some Fathead-style wall-graphics. To top it off, “The Victors” is apparently blaring from somewhere. Whether or not this provides the winning edge for the Wolverines, it hopefully illustrates just how dumb a tactic the pink locker room is. Or maybe Harbaugh was the first coach overbearing enough to try this?

Actually, yeah, that’s fairly believable.

Iowa/Michigan kicks off at 8 PM ET on ABC.


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