Mark Batman

These truly are the glory days of great names in college sports. As we celebrate the arrival of new college football players Rocky Beers and Dude Person, we also have to make some time to appreciate college soccer coach Mark Batman.

Batman was introduced as the new head coach of Toledo women’s soccer on Tuesday.

“Allow us to introduce our new head coach Mark Batman! We look forward to this new chapter and welcome to Toledo,” read the tweet.

Naturally, someone whose last name is “Batman” is going to get some notice, especially once Twitter gets ahold of this information. And sure enough, the college sports world had a field day with the knowledge that Batman was no longer fighting crime in Gotham but was instead coaching soccer in Ohio.

“Ok, it seems unfair that Toledo soccer has Batman as their coach, but you take whatever advantage you can in the MAC,” said Sickos Committee.

“Toledo is going to be good at women’s soccer with those unlimited resources. And also crime free,” added Jeff Brunson.

“The streak of names in the college sports news cycle this week is unreal,” said Pregame Empire.

“Because he’s the coach Toledo deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we’ll hunt him. Because he can take it. Because he’s not our coach. He’s Batman.” -Toledo Athletics Director Jim Gordon,” joked Mike Davie.

Let’s just hope that when one of his players says they swear to god, Batman doesn’t snarl “SWEAR TO ME!” Because that sounds like the road to NCAA violations.

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