Every so often, a video is released of a college sports team surprising one of its walk-on players with a scholarship out of nowhere. Sometimes, the player is simply handed a piece of paper with the announcement by the coach and sometimes, the player is approached by two cops who give them the news.

At the University of Michigan, Andrew Dakich might have thought he was under arrest when two officers approached him during a team meeting. What happened next is both cruel and fantastic.

Here’s what the officers said to Dakich, starting at the 24 second mark.

“It’s come to our attention that your conduct on campus has related to a number of ongoing investigations. Your involvement in such matters can require your immediate presence in front of the University compliance office.”

“Please grab your hat and coat and you will be escorted to the compliance office. Upon there (long dramatic pause), you’ll sign the papers to be awarded a full men’s basketball scholarship for the 2017 winter term at the University of Michigan.” 

With everything that has happened in recent months at Baylor and Minnesota, Dakich was probably incredibly scared when two cops came in, addressed him, and started talking about his conduct and ongoing investigations. Luckily for him, his conduct was good and the investigations don’t exist.

It’s also impressive how the officer didn’t give anything away and neither did any of the players. You have to wonder if head coach John Beilein even told the rest of his team or decided to pull the prank on everyone at once.

Dakich posted the video on his Twitter as well with a short thought:

It really is cruel how Michigan played that out, but in the end good for Dakich. The senior walked on to the team and is the son of radio host, ESPN analyst, and former Bowling Green head coach Dan Dakich.

The campus police department who helped give Dakich the scholarship also reached out on Twitter.

Beilein also got in on the Twitter fun.

Dakich played in 12 games as a freshman,  13 games as a sophomore, and 24 game games as a junior (all of which were off the bench). The senior hasn’t played in a game this season, but with the Wolverines having an extra scholarship this term, it couldn’t hurt them at all to give Dakich a scholarship after all he has been through with the program.

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