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Some troubling news emerged around the Michigan Wolverines and head coach Jim Harbaugh on Thursday, with both currently being under NCAA investigation.

According to Dan Wetzel of Yahoo Sports, Michigan and Harbaugh are under investigation due to numerous potential rules violations, along with Harbaugh directly for failing to cooperate with investigators.

The allegations against Harbaugh state that he misled NCAA investigators when confronted with questions about the Level II allegations, which in itself is a level 1 violation, the highest level of violation from the NCAA.

Meanwhile, Michigan faces four level II violations, which are reportedly centered around using too many coaches at practice sessions, meeting with two recruits during a COVID-19 dead period, and watching player workouts over a video feed.

Harbaugh recently stated that he believes he will be the head coach at Michigan next year, but this shocking new investigation certainly may put that possibility in jeopardy.

The college football world is certainly shocked about these new allegations, and many offered their opinions on the matter on social media.

“They got Michigan for doing the same thing other schools were doing during Covid, including using off-field coaches for practice and meeting with recruits. Problem is, the NCAA is claiming Jim Harbaugh misled them,” tweeted Fox college football reporter Trey Wallace.

“Future Denver Broncos HC Jim Harbaugh,” tweeted JP Acosta of SB Nation.

A number of NFL teams have displayed interest in Jim Harbaugh to fill their head coaching vacancy, including the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers.

While he said that he plans on returning to Michigan, this new investigation against him and his school could make the idea of an NFL coaching career much more appealing to him.

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