After weeks of leaving things up to the schools and conferences on how best to handle the possible spread of coronavirus, the NCAA has changed their tone in how they’re handing the virus.

After Ohio governor Mike DeWine ordered fans not to attend the First Four games in Dayton, the NCAA has put out a statement recommending sporting events, including tournaments be closed to the public. NCAA president Mark Emmert took things one step further and made the decision to limit attendance of the men’s and women’s tournaments to “essential staff and limited family attendance.”


This is the strongest the NCAA has come out against the potential spread of COVID-19. Now that the virus has been ruled an epidemic by the World Health Organization, even organizations who have recently took a more relaxed measure are re-evaluating their options.

The NCAA is hoping this is the extent of their changes to this year’s tournament. The next step may be total cancellation and while that’s a possibility, the NCAA is doing this first.

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