Northwestern baseball head coach Jim Foster Photo Credit: Northwestern Athletics

Northwestern Wildcats athletics has been dealing with the fallout of an investigation into allegations of hazing in their football program, with multiple former players recently speaking out against head coach Pat Fitzgerald. It now seems like their baseball program led by head coach Jim Foster is also now facing controversy.

A report from the Chicago Tribune emerged on Monday, detailing a human resources investigation that was undertaken in late 2022 towards Foster after multiple players and staffers levied complaints about his conduct.

Foster is alleged in the investigation of  “engaging in bullying and abusive behavior” and making an inappropriate comment regarding a female staff member.

670 The Score radio host Danny Parkins also reported on the investigation, saying that nine sources cited Foster of “creating a toxic environment that has run off coaches, broken the spirit of his team, and led to a human resources investigation by the university regarding his alleged bullying and verbally abusive behavior.”

On top of that, Parkins states that Foster made racially insensitive comments toward both players and staff members.

It’s worth noting that The university’s report on the investigation into Foster did not find enough corroborating evidence to support those allegations towards him, but they did not interview players regarding the claims.

It is still unclear if more players and details will come forward against Foster, but considering all the university is dealing with regarding its football program, this latest scandal for their baseball team is not a good look whatsoever.

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