CeeDee Lamb

The Red River Rivalry hasn’t been a big scoring display so far this year. And with the score tied at 10-10 with eight minutes left in the third quarter, it seemed as though it might come down to which team could break off the one big play needed to pull ahead.

In theory, Oklahoma Sooners’ wideout CeeDee Lamb may have just done that. And what a play it was.

On 2nd down and ten from the 50-yard-line, Lincoln Riley called a flea-flicker to shake things up. After getting the ball back, quarterback Jalen Hurts launched the ball in the direction of Lamb, who ran right into a swarm of Texas Longhorns defenders. It looked like it was going to end up being a solid gain and first down. However, then Lamb took advantage of the fact that Texas led the nation in missed tackles and did plenty of fancy footwork to help pad that stat, all the way to a touchdown.

How in the world did all those Texas players whiff on tackling Lamb? Credit to CeeDee whose quick cuts made it clear that he is destined for bigger things even beyond that touchdown.

Oklahoma leads Texas 20-10 as the third quarter winds down and Lamb’s great touchdown play might indeed end up being the difference-maker. The Hurts-Lamb Connection has been a powerful one all season long as we can expect a lot more highlights to come from this duo.

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