Penn State blocked kick

Penn State’s WhiteOut game is one of the most hyped games on their schedule year after year, and it almost always seems to be against Ohio State.

Whether or not a rivalry is there is anyone’s guess. But if the Nittany Lions have a say, they think they’ve been disrespected. On one play, they flipped the tenor of an entire game.

Ohio State let Penn State hang around most of the game and because of it, a mistake bit them in the behind. Special teams, normally a strong point on Urban Meyer teams, let them down. Meanwhile, Penn State and State College, Pennsylvania is losing it’s mind with this outrageous return of a blocked field goal for a touchdown.

Wow, just unbelievable. Ohio State may have been coming in slightly overrated and a little too confident, as they gave up 10 points off of special teams blunders. You still have to give credit where credit is due, Penn State played a hell of a game and they were the better team, holding on to win 24-21.

Rivals? I’d say so.

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