Seton Hall and Kentucky played a fantastic game today at Madison Square Garden. For the final fifteen minutes of regulation, neither team held a lead greater than five. Kentucky led by three with less than two minutes to go when Seton Hall’s Myles Powell tied it up from deep. Then, on what seemed likely to be the final possession of regulation, Powell did it again:

Unfortunately for Seton Hall, there was still time remaining, and Kentucky’s Keldon Johnson took advantage, much to Gus Johnson’s delight:

Overtime was similarly entertaining, with Keldon Johnson hitting another big three late to take a one point lead, before a made free throw put the Wildcats up 83-81. But in the spirit of this game, the Pirates had one last shot in them, this time from Myles Cale:

That time, Kentucky didn’t have an answer. It’s good to have college basketball back.

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