If a tree falls in the stands of Stanford Stadium during Saturday’s game between the Stanford Cardinal and Colorado Buffaloes, will it make a sound? Apparently, we’ll find out.

Stanford’s home opener is Saturday and, despite the fact that fans are not allowed in the stadium, they’re making the most of the situation. When the Cardinal and the Buffaloes take the field, they’ll be surrounded by 400 trees in attendance for the Pac-12 showdown.

Leave it to Stanford to do something about climate change during a college football game. Just think of all the CO2 that’ll be generated by halftime.

While the Pac-12 has been dealing with a lot of problems this week, thanks to multiple game cancellations (Utah at UCLA and Cal at Arizona State), there’s still room for a little levity and leave it to the Cardinal to be the ones to bring it. Stanford has been notorious over the years for their pranks and fun jokes, mostly courtesy of the band.

Stanford fans can certainly use a reason to smile, too. The Cardinal are coming off a 4-8 campaign in 2019 and lost to Oregon in their season-opener last week. The Buffaloes come into the game at 1-0 after beating UCLA, so things may or may not improve on the field this week in Palo Alto. But either way, Stanford fans can look to the stands and know just how many trees support their team.

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