Just like how it’s not recommended to dive head first into home plate, it’s not recommended to dive at the finish of a track and field event. For one, it’s an easy way to get injured and two, your momentum of going full speed is likely as fast or faster than diving.

That didn’t stop Texas A&M junior Infinite Tucker from making sure he would win the men’s 400m hurdles at the SEC Outdoor Track and Field Championships. Competing against teammate Robert Grant, Tucker took a complete swan dive to cross the line and win gold after finishing with silver in the same event in 2018.

It didn’t seem like this was intentional. Going into the final few yards it seemed like Tucker was either losing his balance or was leaning into the finish a bit too early. So to compensate for that, he dived across the line.

While this looks (and probably feels) incredibly painful, it’s not illegal. As long as Tucker is within his lane, he’s good to go. And while it’s not recommended, no one is going to question Tucker’s commitment to win anyway he can.

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