Lane Kiffin

U.S. president Donald Trump’s Twitter shot at LeBron James (and CNN’s Don Lemon) Friday spurred plenty of response from athletes, but one of the more unexpected responses came Sunday from Florida Atlantic University football coach Lane Kiffin. Kiffin quote-tweeted a Sporting News story quoting Trump’s wife Melania’s favorable remarks about LeBron’s new school with “Problems at home?”, and also expressed his support for LeBron (and fellow NBA star Steph Curry, who’s had some previous back-and-forths with Trump and showed his support for LeBron this weekend) in another tweet:

On one level, you wouldn’t necessarily expect a college football head coach to weigh in on a fight between the president of the United States and a NBA player, but on the other hand, Kiffin has shown a whole lot of willingness to dive into just about anything on Twitter. And it can be refreshing to see a college football coach willing to speak his mind on issues outside the sport, unlike many (including Kiffin’s former boss). And unlike some of Kiffin’s other Twitter moves, this isn’t an obvious recruiting attempt; there isn’t even a #cometotheFAU in these tweets. At any rate, it’s certainly interesting to see Kiffin dive into these waters.

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