Levi Jones is a four-star outside linebacker recruit from Austin, Texas, who pretty much had his choice of where to play football in college. He narrowed it down to three—USC, Florida and Florida State—and decided to announce on signing day.

Then, he decided to have some fun.

Typically, recruits will make their announcement suspenseful but putting on a hat or removing a jacket to reveal apparel of their new team. Jones took it to the next level. He took off his jacket to reveal a Florida shirt … then took off that shirt to reveal a Florida State shirt … then took off that shirt to finally reveal a USC shirt.

As you might guess, this made a lot of Florida and Florida State fans and Very Serious Football People very angry:

I’m going to guess that these people have never had the opportunity to pick from their choice of blue-chip college football programs. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity! Let the kid have fun! The more fun stunts on National Signing Day, the better.

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