For the eighth year in a row, Barack Obama made his NCAA Tournament picks with ESPN’s Andy Katz on Wednesday, and you know what that means…angry people on the internet calling out the president for wasting time filling out a bracket!

Now, to be clear, this is a totally ridiculous line of criticism because the commander in chief is allowed some down time, and if he wants to spend it on ESPN picking Hawaii to beat Cal because he’s a homer and then hardly picking any other upsets the rest of the tournament, that’s his prerogative.

Anyway, on to the disgruntled. We’ll start benign.

Look everyone, it’s Brian, the world’s busiest man, who doesn’t have a spare 15 minutes over the course of three days to fill out a bracket. In the time it took Brian to compose this tweet he probably could have picked one region.


Considering Obama finished in the 40th percentile of all brackets last year and hasn’t picked the winner since getting North Carolina right in his first year in office, probably his bracket. What’s your point?

Would you believe some people also don’t like that the president fills out a women’s bracket?

Ok, let’s turn up the idiot dial a bit and see what we get.

Nero definitely had Rome making the Final Four.

So clearly some people are worried about how Obama’s bracket will affect domestic affairs, but what about foreign policy?

Just imagine…

Adviser: “Mr. President, you can either stop ISIS or fill out a bracket. Only time for one.”
Obama: “The people are counting on me. I’m going with the bracket.”

Props to Stephen Witt for summing up all this anger more succinctly than anyone else:

One silver lining for Obama: None of his mostly chalk picks in his bracket (he has No. 1 overall seed Kansas winning it all) were his most controversial choice of the day.

Given both frontrunners for our next president aren’t known to be overly interested in basketball, this maybe our last year to enjoy or detest the annual POTUS bracket tradition.

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