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One of the loudest parts of a football game can sometimes be when the home team runs on to the field. That’s of course assuming the team runs on to the field in a safe fashion.

Before their opening game of the 2016 season against Rice, Western Kentucky University didn’t exactly run onto the field. Instead, they stumbled.


The Hilltoppers are largely believed to be the favorite to win Conference USA this year, but their first game got off to a rough start. While the botched entrance didn’t seem to impact the game itself, as WKU clobbered Rice 46-14, it’s still “not ideal” as CBS put it.

The fans were going nuts, and the smoke machine was working to perfection, but the players just didn’t execute.

But don’t worry Western Kentucky, you’re not the first team to do this and you probably won’t be the last.

Apparently nobody on Western Kentucky got injured, unlike that youth soccer player in the final clip who probably got some sort of “upper body injury.”

After looking over the video multiple times from multiple angles (there are a plethora of videos of the stumble out there), it looks like the first player to fall was #52. Of course in football most teams have players who share numbers so…

Who did it? Was it freshman offensive lineman Adam Raschilla? Or redshirt freshman defensive lineman Chris Rehak? Stay tuned for next week.

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