Yale students moon Harvard

Harvard-Yale is one of the most unique rivalries in college football, especially from a perspective of the history and tradition that comes with The Game. Pranks are to be expected from both sides, but sometimes the shenanigans that can be found in the Ivy League know no limits. Or dress code, it would seem.

As Yale was on their way to their first victory over the rival Crimson for the first time in a decade, one that would end Harvard’s hopes of a fourth-straight Ivy League title, a handful of Yale students could not help but expose themselves with some full-frontal nudity. The young men shed their clothing and stood together on the wall along the sidelines, causing a brief delay for the game as police had to get involved to calm things down.

Apparently, this is one of the zanier traditions attached to The Game. The Yale Daily News says the “Saybrook Strip” has been done for 40 years, entertaining and shocking fans since the 1970s. The purpose is to moon Harvard, so the next time you attend the Harvard-Yale game, consider yourself warned.

3-7 Yale wound up pulling off the upset over 7-3 Harvard with a 21-14 win, and afterwards, fortunately, everyone celebrating their victory in the 133rd edition of The Game (and their first since 2006, the longest dry spell for either side in the contest’s history) appears to have been fully clothed.

And this did lead to some takes on how Yale-associated TV characters would have interpreted these actions:

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