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Quarterbacks were an endangered species for the San Francisco 49ers Sunday. First Brock Purdy went down to injury against the Philadelphia Eagles, then backup Josh Johnson was injured.

That prompted everyone to ask who the 49ers third-string QB was for Sunday’s game. Answer: Running back Christian McCaffrey.

All that drama brought about an unexpected tweet from one of the 49ers all-time great quarterbacks.

Steve Young, who won two NFL MVP Awards and three Super Bowl trophies with the 49ers, tweeted, “Warming up in the parking lot, let me know.”

Young, 61, was obviously joking, but his attempt at humor at least gave 49ers fans a break from watching the Eagles methodically beat their team.

Former Oakland Raiders CEO Amy Trask tweeted, “Not kidding — just a few moments ago said to my husband [‘Maybe @SteveYoungQB can play’ — and hi.”

Please make this so @JohnLynch49ers. I’ll PayPal you,” tweeted 49ers Paradise.

“You have a long career in broadcasting ahead of you. Sit this one out, Steve,” tweeted Buckeyes Outsider.

“Steve Young was a monster back in the day…” tweeted Positive Warriors fan.

Young, who played 13 seasons in San Francisco, led the NFL in passer rating six of his final eight full seasons. He was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2005.

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