The NFL’s scouting combine is a chance for NFL Draft prospects to show their stuff to scouts, executives and coaches from all around the league. It is also a chance for some to show off individual feats of athleticism, such as with the 40 yard dash, the most notable event at the combine.

Adidas has decided to try and spice up the 40 yard dash even more by offering an island (seriously) to anyone who can beat the record of 4:24 in their new cleats.  That record was set nine years ago by Chris Johnson

Adidas is no stranger to anteing up for anyone who might be able to break that record. In 2013, if someone broke the record, they’d win an Adidas endorsement. In 2014, the fastest time earned someone $100,000, with each of the top three fastest players winning that cash total in 2015. Last year, they offered up a million bucks to anyone who could beat the record, which obviously didn’t happen.

Curiously, Adidas says they’ll offer up an island to anyone who breaks the record, but would that mean if two people happened to break it that Adidas would have to give up two islands?

One of the catches in this contest is that those wanting an island must wear Adidas’ special 40 yard dash shoes, which cost $150 on the market. That’s a steep price to pay for a NFL prospect just out of college with little to no money to their name, and for shoes designed specifically for something they may do only twice during their career. But to satisfy some egos, and win an island, who wouldn’t want to try this? Even Rich Eisen may have a go.

Now the question most of you probably have right now is: what island would Adidas give you if you happened to break the 40 yard dash record? They don’t say, but we decided to let our minds run wild and came up with these suggestions:

  1. Manhattan Island (when it was first owned by the Dutch, of course)
  2. Rapa Nui, complete with all of the statues
  3. Elba
  4. Skull Island
  5. The Rock of Gibraltar (even though it’s not really an island)

ESPN’s Darren Rovell tweeted out some islands for sale under the $1 million threshold set by Adidas.

I still think Elba is cooler.


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