Alex Trebek can be rather blunt toward his Jeopardy! contestants sometimes. But this might take things to another level as Trebek had a bit of fun as the three contestants where striking out on a football category.

The category was filled with clues that could be answered by football fans but may make for a struggle if one isn’t into the sport. That’s apparently what happened with these three people who didn’t know about Tom Landry or the Purple People Eaters.

It’s no wonder everyone waited until the end of the round before going after those clues. But in all honesty, wouldn’t it be better strategy to get the clues you don’t know out of the way first? I guess you’re hoping the round ends due to time and you don’t deal with it at all but if you save what you know for last, and hit the Daily Double, you would theoretically be able to wager more money.

Trebek had a bit of fun at the contestants expense and I’m sure the viewers did too. I mean, most viewers would get schooled by those contestants on such categories as Shakespeare, French literature or European history but when we see these smart people get knocked down a peg or two with a sports category, it makes us normal people feel a little bit better about ourselves.

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