A judge has given Darrelle Revis a reason to breathe easy today. All charges stemming from an alleged assault in Pittsburgh have now been dropped.

“What happened is in the past now and all I can do is move forward,” Revis told NFL Network after being exonerated.

What happened in the past? As a refresher, Revis was charged with robbery, terroristic threats, conspiracy, and aggravated assault in mid-February. Revis’ lawyer said his client was assaulted by five people, but two people went to the hospital to be treated for injuries allegedly inflicted by Revis.

In late February, the New York Jets informed Revis they would be walking away from him and releasing him to free agency, for what they claimed to be football reasons. The dark cloud was quick to follow Revis, as an anonymous NFL general manager said he wouldn’t add Revis to his roster even if he played for free.

So, what now?

Revis remains a free agent and can now move forward pursuing other options just as any free agent would, even if he may still have to address this incident. Teams won’t just ignore this offseason news and neither will the NFL. The league still considers the Revis incident “under review,” according to the NFL Network, and Revis could still face disciplinary action from the league for violating the personal conduct policy.

The NFL has previously suspended players who faced no legal consequences off the field, so we’ll see how the league handles this situation and what impact it may have on Revis during the upcoming season. Combine the potential for a suspension with his diminished skills, and it may be tough for Revis to find a job.

But for now, Revis is free to seek a new contract with any team looking to add him to the roster, and he can do so without any fear the legal system will interfere.


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