Amari Cooper

The Cleveland Browns absolutely dominated the Cincinnati Bengals on Monday night, blasting their division rivals by a score of 32-13. But that doesn’t mean everything went perfectly. Because early in the game, the Browns ran what might be one of the worst trick plays of all time.

During the first quarter, the Browns ran what was supposed to be a reverse pass, with Nick Chubb getting the handoff and quickly handing it to wide receiver Amari Cooper, who looked downfield to pass the ball. Once he released the pass, however, Cooper reminded everyone why he’s not a quarterback as it went nowhere near any Browns’ receiver and was easily intercepted by Bengals safety Vonn Bell.

After the game, Amari Cooper got brutally honest about his horrific pass attempt, calling it “an abomination” and revealing that he was actually trying to throw the ball away.

“It was an abomination,” Cooper said, according to Pro Football Talk. “It kept running through my mind, ‘OK, If he’s not open, throw it away.’ I didn’t really realize how hard it was to throw the ball away, because that’s what I tried to do. I did not try to throw it to him. I was trying to get the ball back to the line of scrimmage. I looked up, it was in another guy’s hands. It was terrible. Don’t have me throwing too many more passes.”

The good news for Cooper is that he was able to bounce back and have a strong performance as a receiver – where he is much more comfortable.

Cooper finished the game with five catches for 131 yards and a touchdown to help lead the Browns to victory. But nobody is ever going to forget that interception.

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