Anthony Richardson Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

The Indianapolis Colts made no secret about their plan to get rookie quarterback Anthony Richardson on the field early and often during his first season in the league to allow him to grow and learn on the field. Obviously, that’s not how it worked out, but head coach Shan Steichen still sees some positives from that experience.

While the Colts wanted Anthony Richardson to learn on the field during his rookie season, a season-ending shoulder injury in Week 5 made that impossible. However, he still had a chance to learn from the sideline.

“Obviously, he got a chance to sit back, watch, and learn,” head coach Shane Steichen said in his Monday press conference. “I had some good meetings with him throughout the season, just individually me and him, sitting down talking football. Really just seeing the NFL season as a whole.

“Obviously, would’ve loved to have him out there for the season to learn that way but there’s always reasons in life I think, why things happen. I think what happened to him was unfortunate but I think it’s going to make him stronger at the end.”

We’ll have to see how this experience helped him as he returns to the field next season.

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