Life is imitating art in Dallas after Cowboys linebacker Damien Wilson injured himself playing paintball. Owner and General Manager Jerry Jones said on Friday the second-year linebacker suffered an eye injury thanks to the activity.

If this story sounds familiar, that is because it is. On last Sunday night’s episode of the HBO series Ballers, which takes a dramatized look at the NFL and the world surrounding it, one of the fictional NFL stars on the show, Vernon Littlefield (who is played by Donovan Carter), suffered what appeared to be a serious leg injury while playing paintball. And what team does Littlefield play for? The Cowboys, of course.

The severity of Littlefield’s injury is unknown, but odds are its a serious one. Luckily for Wilson and the Cowboys, his injury is not expected to cost him too much time. Jones said he thinks the linebacker could only miss a couple weeks.

Wilson will open camp on the non-football injury list. Executive vice president Stephen Jones wasn’t sure of all the details surrounding Wilson’s injury, just that they did not believe it was too serious.

“We feel good that he’ll be back here in 10 days, barring any complications,” Stephen Jones said.

As a rookie out of Minnesota, Wilson played in all 16 games last season and recorded 1o solo tackles for the Cowboys. Although he was not quick enough to avoid the literal one, it sounds like Wilson dodged a figurative bullet here. Unfortunately for him though, The Rock won’t be there to smooth things over when he has to apologize to Jones.


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