Former Oklahoma Sooners and Dallas Cowboys coach Barry Switzer created a stir earlier this month when he walked into Trump Tower and emerged claiming to have met with Donald Trump about how he should become “Secretary of Offense” so that he could “make the wishbone great again.”

Well, it turns out the whole thing was phony. According to Politico, not only did Switzer not lobby Trump for a position in his administration, he didn’t meet with the President-elect at all.

In retrospect, maybe we should have been tipped off by the fact that Switzer’s description of his “meeting” involved football jokes and nothing else? You’d think any reporter would be smart enough to consider that just because someone is walking into Trump Tower doesn’t mean he’s meeting with Donald Trump.

Then again, Trump long ago entered the Tyson Zone, so you never know. If he can meet with Kanye West to reportedly discuss some sort of position in his administration, why couldn’t he have met with Barry Switzer?


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