Bradley Sowell scored a fat guy touchdown for the Bears.

The world loves “fat guy touchdowns” scored by offensive or defensive linemen, and the Chicago Bears used an interesting twist to get one Sunday night. In the third quarter of their game against the Los Angeles Rams, on third-and-goal from the two, the Bears brought in a package with a whole lot of linemen, and then found one (offensive tackle Bradley Sowell) on a touchdown pass from Mitch Trubisky:

Just how heavy was that fat guy formation?

Just make the whole team out of linemen. Oh, and the fake there was to defensive end Akiem Hicks, who ran for a one-yard touchdown last week on a play similar to what famed 80s Bears’ DT William “Refrigerator” Perry used to run. Here’s what Hicks did last week against the Giants:

The Bears really are living up to their past “Monsters of the Midway” nickname. And hey, if you know they’re going to give it to a big guy, it makes it much harder to defend if they have 10 big guys on the field.

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