Throughout the NFL’s history, there have been a number of players with some pretty memorable names who have taken the field.

From Jumbo Elliott to Dick Butkus to Merlin Olsen, the league has had its share of unforgettable names. Even today, there are players on current NFL rosters with fun names like Ha Ha, Captain, and Le’Raven.

So for the incoming class of prospects who have a chance to be selected in the NFL Draft  this year, which players will generate an automatic double-take when their names come across the scroll on the TV broadcast?

Taco Charlton, DE – Michigan

Expected to be taken in the first round, Mr. Charlton could have some easy endorsement opportunities if he ends up being a productive NFL player. Taco Bell, Del Taco, or any local taco shop would love to have their spokesperson be someone whose actual name is Taco.

OK, well, Taco is just his nickname, but Vidauntae is his real first name and that really is not as fun.

Corn Elder, CB – Miami

Corn? Well, it is short for Cornelius (which is also his father’s name), but Corn just seems like an odd choice to land on.

Corn is not even that great of a vegetable. Corn on the cob may be the only version of it that is somewhat enjoyable, but even that can get super messy and it gets caught in people’s teeth and then they have to floss later. So not worth it.

Forrest Lamp (Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images)

Forrest Lamp, OG – Western Kentucky

He could have made this list with either his first or last name by themselves. But both together? It makes for an all-time football name.

Although, there are not really any lamps in the forest (unless someone is camping).

Mike Tyson, DB – Cincinnati

Wow, the former heavyweight boxing champion of the world is really doing a lot with himself lately. First, his one-man show made it to Broadway and now the 50-year-old is going to take a shot at playing in the NFL. Good for him.

Oh, wait — it isn’t the same Mike Tyson? Well, carry on then.

Bug Howard, WR – North Carolina

Real first name is Jonathan, but Bug is something his mother used to call him when he was younger and it has obviously stuck with him. However, his mom probably did not anticipate him to grow into a 6-foot-4 football player. That is one big bug.

Money Hunter, DB – Arkansas State

Wait, when did Darrelle Revis change his name?

Hunter is a long shot to make it to the NFL, but his name actually fits well with his playing style. He is the Sun Belt Conference’s all-time leader in interception returns for touchdowns and those types of plays will make him lots of money in the big leagues.

Fish Smithson (Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images)

Fish Smithson, DB – Kansas

His late grandmother preferred to call him Fish over Anthony when he was younger, so Fish is who he became known as. His brother’s name is Shaky, so it is one big happy family full of wonderful names. If this is how Smithson’s family names their children, then what do they name their pets?

Weston Steelhammer, DB – Air Force

He should be very, very thankful that Weston is the name his parents decided on for him when he was born. That route could have been taken down a very dangerous road. Just think, what if his parents wanted to honor his father’s great grandpa Harry? Life, over.

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