A shirtless Buffalo Bills fan sliding down a railing in the snow. A shirtless Buffalo Bills fan sliding down a railing in the snow. (@wonderofitall7 on Twitter/X.)

On Saturday, the Pittsburgh Steelers-Buffalo Bills AFC Wild Card NFL playoff game initially scheduled for Sunday was officially postponed to Monday due to a projected severe weather emergency in the Buffalo area. That weather required emergency services manpower elsewhere, and posed challenges for having fans attend the game. But there was still work to be done at their stadium in Orchard Park Sunday, with the team paying fans $20 per hour to clear snow from the seats and get the facility ready for Monday’s game. And some fans had fun with that, with one even going shirtless sledding down a railing (language warning):

That prompted quite a few reactions. Here are some of those:

Of course, Bills’ fans have often received discussion for both imperviousness to the elements and for pain tolerance. The jumping through tables tradition, which even has received media participation (or attempted participation) at times, certainly shows that. But still, being shirtless in these conditions and sliding down a snowy, icy railing doesn’t seem like the greatest idea.

There’s been a lot of discussion on if the game here will be able to be played Monday considering the ongoing storm impact. But county and state officials confirmed that that is the plan Sunday afternoon:

Even if that doesn’t sound ideal:

We’ll see how things go with the plan to play Monday. But these snow-shoveling efforts may wind up being important to that.

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