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Buffalo Bills fans are legendary for their wild, apocalyptic partying before home games, proudly living up to their “Bills Mafia” nickname.

Before the Bills hosted the Las Vegas Raiders Sunday, one fan apparently took things way too far, leading to an unbelievable and disturbing incident that involved rescue workers and resulted in a Monday press conference to explain the full situation.

According to the Erie County Sheriff’s Department, an unidentified 29-year-old male, reportedly under the influence of alcohol, LSD, cocaine, and marijuana, jumped over a fence at a stadium construction site. Witnesses watched as the man stripped off all his clothes and covered himself in human excrement from a portable toilet.

The man then fell into a hole almost 40 feet deep at the construction site.

Erie County Sheriff’s deputies and Windom Vol. Fire Company and AMS rescued the man from the pit. The man was rescued from the hole with a cut on his forehead and was transported to a local hospital.

As of Monday afternoon, the man was still being evaluated at the hospital.

Erie County Sheriff John Garcia said the man has been issued a citation for criminal trespassing by the Town of Orchard Park.

Hopefully the man is able to get some help with his issues.

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