Brett Favre Syndication: The Enquirer

As the Mississippi Department of Human Services works to investigate the millions in misspent and misallocated state welfare funds, former NFL quarterback Brett Favre has been hit with some pretty brutal news as a judge has ruled that Favre must turn over his text messages to the State of Mississippi.

According to Heather Harrison of the Mississippi Free Press, Judge E. Faye Peterson determined that Brett Favre is not required to turn over his tax returns as part of the investigation, but he is required to turn over his text messages.

“Defendant’s personal tax returns do not appear to be relevant to the claims or defenses. Specifically, the Complaint does not allege that the Defendant Favre personally received TANF funds,” the court order from Peterson said. “Defendant, however, shall produce all written communications stated in production request number 27.”

Obviously, this is not great news for Favre as it will allow investigators to potentially find evidence against him in the case, and people had a lot to say about it on social media as a result.

Favre and dozens of other people are named in a civil lawsuit after millions of dollars in Mississippi welfare funds were misallocated and misspent. We’ll have to see what ultimately happens in the case.

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