Brock Purdy Iowa State alum Brock Purdy had to wear an Iowa mascot head after losing a bet to Hawkeye alum George Kittle. Credit: NBCS Bay Area

The San Francisco 49ers got off to a fast start last Sunday to kick the NFL season off. San Francisco soundly defeated Pittsburgh, as the Steelers had no chance to compete right from the get-go. Much of that was because of the play of quarterback Brock Purdy. While things are plentiful in the Bay Area right now, Purdy faced a brutal reality after last weekend, not because of what happened in the NFL but at the college level.

Purdy’s Iowa State Cyclones met the Iowa Hawkeyes in their annual battle over the Cy-Hawk Trophy last Saturday. The Niners quarterback isn’t the only alum involved in that matchup. Like many other great tight ends in the NFL, the superstar tight end George Kittle went to Iowa. The former Hawkeye and Cyclone agreed to a bet where, seemingly, the loser had to wear the opposing team’s mascot head around.

Fortunately for Kittle, his Hawkeyes won. Unfortunately for Purdy, he had to eat it this week. As the 49ers’ NBC Sports account captured, Purdy walked through the 49ers facility wearing a Herky the Hawk head.

“Brock Purdy lost the Iowa-Iowa State bet to George Kittle,” they posted with a crying laughing emoji.

It’s a tough break for Purdy, whose Cyclones just couldn’t get it done against the Hawkeyes last weekend. Iowa State hasn’t had a handle on the rivalry historically, and lately, it hasn’t been much better. After the Cyclones defeated the Hawkeyes five years in a row from 1998-2002, Iowa has gone 14-6 in the last 20 matchups.

Purdy, Kittle, and the 49ers take on the Los Angeles Rams this weekend in Week 2 of the 2023 NFL regular season. The Rams surprised with a victory against the Seattle Seahawks, so both teams will be 1-0 going into the game.

The NFL world had plenty to say about the news on Brock Purdy.

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