The Broncos got the miracle they needed against the Commanders on Sunday, but completely failed to take advantage of it. Photo Credit: CBS The Broncos fail to convert a game-tying two-point conversion after converting a Hail Mary. Photo Credit: CBS

So close yet so far. That will likely be how the Denver Broncos and their fans look back at the ending of Sunday’s loss against the Washington Commanders.

Trailing by eight points, the Broncos had the ball at midfield with only three seconds remaining. They needed a miracle. Stunningly, they got it. Not only did the Broncos complete a Hail Mary but they did so in a wild way. Russell Wilson’s pass was well short of the goal line but after two deflections, Denver’s Brandon Johnson got the ball in the end zone for a touchdown. With the tough part out of the way, the Broncos needed only a two-point conversion to go into overtime. It didn’t happen.

Wilson’s pass to Courtland Sutton fell incomplete. And while there appeared to be a significant amount of contact from cornerback Benjamin St-Juste, who was guarding Sutton on the play, no flag was thrown. With that, the game was over after a wild two-play sequence.

The NFL world had a lot to say about the wild ending in Denver.

Indeed, while the Broncos might have a legitimate gripe about the pass interference no-call, they have only themselves to blame for being in that situation. Denver dominated the early part of the game, leading 21-3 in the second quarter.

The Broncos are 0-2 on the season. They are also 5-14 since Russell Wilson was acquired before the 2022 season and 4-13 in his starts.

[Photo Credit: CBS]

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