The Browns played their seventh game of the season today in Tampa Bay, and they also played their fourth overtime game of the season. That’s almost incredible, but perhaps not as incredible as the Browns once again losing in overtime, their second such loss in addition to a tie and a win.

How did they lose? To this kick, a 59-yard field goal from Chandler Catanzaro that looked no good for a decent portion of its flight.

Catanzaro had missed a field goal and an extra point earlier in the game, which is how Cleveland was still in it, but he drilled it when it mattered most. For a perfect summation of how it must feel to be a Browns fan, let’s turn to the most famous one alive:

If there’s a brightside for Cleveland, it’s that you could reasonably argue that they could have won all four of those overtime games. They’ve been competitive almost every week. That’s good!

The losing, though, is bad. But if there’s one thing Browns fans are used to, it’s that.

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