At this point, everyone knows the Bills Mafia doesn’t mess around. The Buffalo Bills’ fans are certifiably nuts at times, and “Pinto Ron” may take the cake.

If you have had enough of people jumping through tables and people doing alcohol luges off of other human’s bodies, Pinto Ron may be for you. His gimmick? Getting covered in ketchup and mustard to get fellow fans hyped up for the game.

No, we are not joking:

For many, this is the first time coming into contact with Pinto Ron, and surely you have questions. Does he attend the game covered in those condiments? Does he have a condiment sponsorship deal? Heinz or Hunt’s? Why not mayo or relish?

This isn’t a new move for Pinto Ron, a lifelong Bills fan. He’s been getting covered in ketchup and mustard for quite some time. Take this video from the Bills’ Week  1 game in 2010, for example:

According to the Democrat & Chronicle, the tradition has been ongoing for 25 years. Pinto Ron deserves a spot in the fan hall of fame with his fantastic dedication to a franchise, and an irreverent tradition that anyone can love.

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