buffalo bills streaker

Sunday was not a good day for the Buffalo Bills, who fell behind 47-3 to the New Orleans Saints at home (eventually losing 47-10), as their quarterback got benched, their defense sprung giant leaks and their playoff hopes took a hit.

But at least the fans at New Era Field got to see a naked man tackled by security?

In the fourth quarter of Sunday’s blowout, a fan braved the Buffalo cold to dart onto the field entirely naked. He made it across most of the field and into the end zone before finally being taken down.

WARNING: This video is NSFW, at least if you really squint:

It’s generally not a good idea to expose yourself to thousands of people in an act you know will lead to your immediate arrest, but maybe this guy was trying to let out some frustration? Or maybe he wanted to remember Sunday for something other than his team’s horrible loss? Or maybe he’s just a maniac attention-seeker. It’s hard to know.

Regardless, there were some low-hanging jokes to be had.

This guy will always have a story to tell. He might also always have a criminal record. But hey, life is full of tradeoffs, right?

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