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It’s been quite the professional football career for Chad Johnson Ochocinco Johnson, from his decade with the Cincinnati Bengals to shorter stops with the New England Patriots (2011) and Miami Dolphins (2012 offseason only; he was released after being arrested on a charge of domestic battery, which he eventually pled no contest to) to a year in the CFL with the Montreal Alouettes (2014) to his current stint with the Monterrey Fundidores in a Mexican football league. Johnson signed with that team in March, and he apparently scored quite the touchdown in his first game Sunday:

Of course, it seems pretty easy to make a touchdown catch when you’re that wide open. The defensive back did not play this well at all, trying to jam Johnson (who’s back to the Ocho Cinco jersey) near the line but just letting him blow by instead. Yeah, he just got schooled by a 39-year-old. It’s one play, but this certainly isn’t evidence Johnson’s facing the toughest opponents out there. Of course, he presumably has a little more impressive football background than most of the people in this league, but still. Maybe that explains the somewhat muted celebration (at least by his own standards).

In the end, Johnson helped his team get a 14-6 win, and he got some attention in the process. In less than a day, that video has over 114,000 shares on Facebook, and the linked team page (which not-so-coincidentally, uses photos of Johnson for both its header and profile picture) has almost 14,000 likes.

People are still interested in Johnson, and he still has massive social followings (1.9 million page likes on Facebook, 3.61 million followers on Twitter.) If he wants to throw in some football in Mexico in between his regularly-scheduled FIFA matches against strangers, more power to him, and maybe he’ll help spread the sport in that country. He’ll certainly draw some attention to it. And judging by those empty stands, it could probably use the help.

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