Complaining at airlines on Twitter’s understandably quite common, but it’s rare to see one respond extremely snarkily. That’s what appeared to happen to Philadelphia Eagles’ defensive tackle Fletcher Cox Sunday, though, and it was all thanks to teammate Chris Long. Seeing Cox’s complaints at Delta Airlines, Long changed his Twitter display name and profile picture to copy Delta’s and started tweeting snarky responses to him:

Chris Long Delta

This would be pretty easy to be fooled by on first glance, especially with Long having that verified checkmark. Cox seems to have avoided the trap, though, just engaging with the actual Delta account (which provided somewhat nicer customer service, albeit with no promises):

Meanwhile, Long changed his Twitter account back and offered an endorsement of Delta:

It’s probably a good thing for Long that this was Delta rather than United, though. After all, we’ve seen what they do to people who don’t get out of their seats, so what would they do to people who don’t get out of their tweets?

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