The tragic shooting in Uvalde, Texas resulting in the death of 19 children and two adults has shaken the country to its core.

This unfortunate tragedy is the latest of a string of mass shootings in recent weeks, with the tragic shooting in Buffalo, New York occurring earlier this month.

It has been a difficult time for many around the country, and many prominent names around the sports world have spoken out about the tragedies.

Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr gave an impassioned speech about how these atrocities need to stop, as well as Josh Allen sharing his condolences and sadness for the victims in Buffalo.

Many realize that something needs to be done in the country to stop these mass shootings, and Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott is the latest to speak on the matter.

Prescott revealed that these events have made him anxious about potentially being a father in the future.

“We’re talking about children,’’ Prescott told DavidMoore of the Dallas Morning News on Wednesday. “We’re talking about the future. I mean, I don’t have kids, (but I) can’t imagine having to send my kid to school with that anxiety. Honestly, it makes me fearful to have children, and that’s not right. That’s sad.”

Prescott is a prominent name in the state of Texas and could have some pull around the general public.

His “Faith, Fight, Finish” foundation hosted a town hall meeting on Wednesday with officials from law enforcement, education, and the rest of the community where he engaged some difficult conversations that Prescott feels are necessary to provide change within the community.

“Let’s bring it to the forefront so we can have these uncomfortable conversations but can get somewhere from them and not continue to show division like we are.’’

This is exactly why the “shut up and play” believers are extremely wrong in their thought process.

Athletes can have some extreme pull in the community, and if they use their voice to speak on important issues like this we can see some very positive change within local communities throughout the country.

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