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Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott came into the NFL together in 2016, when both were drafted by the Dallas Cowboys.

The Cowboys have released Elliott. It is of course possible that they could bring him back on a more team-friendly deal. But in all likelihood, the 2023 season will commence with Prescott and Elliott on different teams.

On Thursday, Prescott opened up about that reality while also heaping praise upon his longtime teammate. The video was shared by Jon Machota of The Athletic.

“Zeke’s a guy that, man, he played this game, did everything about this game, the right way,” Prescott said, per Machota. “Had fun, did that but when it was time to lock in, when it was time to focus, to give everything that you had, to show your teammates and to show the younger guys what really mattered and how to get things done, Zeke was a guy to follow. Just how to be a pro and how to be a pro with a smile on your face and enjoying this game and enjoying life.”

Prescott then concluded by saying “I can’t imagine him not being in the locker room.”

Elliott enjoyed a lot of success in Dallas. Elliott twice lead the NFL in rushing, running for 1,631 yards in 2016 and 1,434 in 2018. He was a First-team All-Pro in 2016, Second-team in 2018 and made three Pro Bowls. Also, while playoff success has largely been elusive in Dallas, the Cowboys have won three NFC East titles during the careers of Prescott and Elliott and made the playoffs four times.

Turnover is a huge part of sports, something Prescott is well aware of. So, he’ll eventually get used to not having Elliott as a teammate. But it’s understandable now that he can’t seem to imagine what that will be like.

[Jon Machota]

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