DK Metcalf Seahawks receiver DK Metcalf showed off his athleticism in the Celebrity All-Star Game with a first quarter dunk.

Two days before the league’s best players take the floor at the NBA All-Star Game in Utah, the celebrities had their turn. And Seattle Seahawks star DK Metcalf — one of the NFL’s best receivers — showed that he’s got some multi-sport talent.

Early in the game, Metcalf secured a defensive rebound and went on the break. He had a clear path across the court and ran by WNBA star Diamond DeShields, who wasn’t exactly channeling her inner-Patrick Beverley defensively. From there, the 6-foot-4 Metcalf took off and jammed the ball home for an impressive two points.

Basketball and football fans alike were impressed by Metcalf’s impressive throwdown.

Other fans made a different, inescapable observation. Metcalf’s dunk also spotlighted how great NBA players are athletically.

What’s also impressive is that while the defense was light, Metcalf didn’t have a completely unimpeded run to the hoop. As he got to the three-point line, Williamson briefly lost control of the ball. He didn’t lose it to a point where getting it back was a particular challenge. But he did have to slow down. The fact that he secured the ball and regained enough speed quickly enough to throw it down is impressive. He’s definitely earned bragging rights with this play.

[Photo Credit: ESPN]

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