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Perhaps the biggest concern for Miami Dolphins star Tua Tagovailoa heading into the 2023-24 season is his long-term health after a number of scary concussions last season. He has undergone some interesting off-season film study with a jiu-jitsu coach to help him learn how to fall more safely next year.

Jiu-jitsu to those who don’t know is a martial art that is typically known as a form of self-defense used while in hand-to-hand combat on the ground.

It isn’t exactly known as a sport that translates all the much to the game of football. However, Tagovailoa detailed that reviewing his past head injuries with this jiu-jitsu coach has helped him tremendously this offseason.

“It wasn’t tough to watch,” Tagovailoa said, via ESPN. “I want to get better at everything that I can do to help the team win games, and I know the biggest one is my health, staying out on the field. And so looking at the film, I was able to watch that with my jiu-jitsu coach, and we were able to kind of relive the scenario in how I got tackled, how I fell. And it wasn’t just one particular game. It was multiple ways that I got taken down and how I could have prevented that.”

It’s certainly an out-of-the-box method to learn how to properly take hits, and many offered their opinion about it on social media.


It’s unclear if it will be something that actually benefits him next season, but it certainly can’t hurt to try an unorthodox method like this.


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