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Pass interference calls in the NFL often change the tide of many games on a weekly basis. And one NFL player would like for the league to bring back a rule that could help make sure that these calls are as accurate as possible.

The NFL experimented with a rule in 2019 that made pass interference calls reviewable via a coach’s challenge.

It ultimately ended up being a rule that largely just made NFL games longer without much impact on most games. In the 2019 season, just 13 of 81 challenge attempts were overturned from the initial ruling.

Despite the rule largely being an unpopular one at the time, Miami Dolphins star wide receiver Tyreek Hill is calling for it to make a return.

“You know there used to be a rule where you can challenge a defensive pass interference call?” said Hill on his podcast, It Needed To Be Said with Tyreek Hill. “That used to be a rule like two years ago, and they took that rule away. I don’t know why they took it away. I think they should definitely bring that back. Bring it back, and once it’s a pass interference, just add those receiving yards to my yardage.”

It’s fairly surprising to hear an offensive player calling for this rule to come back. Especially because pass interference calls are largely geared toward offensive production with how they are currently called.

That said, the likelihood that Hill will actually get his request granted is slim to none. It was short-lived rule in 2019, as it was quickly abolished for the 2020 season after NFL Vice President of Football Operations Troy Vincent called it a “miserable failure”.

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