Some heroes over at Uproxx asked a very important question Thursday: What if every NFL logo were inspired by Donald Trump?

From there, Uproxx remodeled all 32 NFL logos in Trump’s image, mostly mocking the presidential candidate’s hair but also taking shots at his ego and policy.

You can see all 32 logos here, but we’ve pulled our 10 favorites.

10. Miami Dolphins Trump


Trump’s face photoshopped onto a Dolphin sounds like a John Kasich ad.

9. New York Jets Trump


This is the only of the 32 logos to call out Trump’s policy, which earns it a spot on our top 10.

8. Carolina Panthers Trump


This one is actually pretty scary.

7. Atlanta Falcons Trump


Maybe black and red hair would be a good look for Trump.

6. Philadelphia Eagles Trump


Come on, his hair isn’t that ridiculous.

5. Buffalo Bills Trump


Trump has never had much of a neck.

4. Jacksonville Jaguars Trump


This is what Trump would look like as an anthropomorphic television character on a slightly creepy kids show.

3. Oakland Raiders Trump


You get the sense if Trump owned an NFL team it would have to be the Raiders.

2. Minnesota Vikings Trump


Blond hair and horns turns out to be a pretty good look for the Donald.

1. Chicago Bears Trump


The hair, the assimilation into the original logo and most of all the classic Trump facial expression make this one the best of the bunch.


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