Dwayne Johnson

Longtime quarterback and former Alabama Crimson Tide star A.J. McCarron has been a backup quarterback throughout most of his time in the NFL, which still pays quite a lot of money, even if he wasn’t playing. But this year, McCarron decided to pass up that paycheck to play in the XFL and create some memories for his children.

This week, A.J. McCarron revealed that he could likely have returned to the NFL for more money as a backup quarterback, but instead he chose to go to the XFL, where he knew his children would get a chance to see him play and not just sit the bench.

“My six-year-old love watching tape of me on YouTube. That’s a big reason I chose to return this way,” McCarron said of his decision to return.. “I probably could’ve tried to come back with an NFL team and had a chance to probably make bigger money, but no one knows what the future holds. I’m enjoying this and it’s a great way to create some memories for me and my boys.”

That decision was inspiring to famous actor and professional wrestling legend Dwayne Johnson.

“Takes less money signing with us over the @NFL because he wanted his little boys to see him play. Now he’s 2-0 and led his team to back to back exciting last minute wins. I’d say he’s creating some memories for his boys. AJ’s decision means a helluva lot to me, personally. #XFL,” Dwayne Johnson said.

It is certainly an inspiring story and it’s good to see McCarron having success in the league after making a decision like this.


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