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A lot of people questioned whether or not the Philadelphia Eagles were making the right move by bringing in veteran wide receiver Julio Jones, but the move paid off already, and it sounds like Jones will continue to have a chance to make an impact as he has been signed to the active roster once again.

Jones has played a vital role recently in the Eagle’s offense. He caught his first touchdown as an Eagles player against the Washington Commanders this past Sunday.

Jones may play a critical part in the game this coming Sunday against the Dallas Cowboys as more than likely, the Cowboys will be more focused on DeVante Smith and AJ Brown.

The veteran wide receiver spent most of playing time with the Atlanta Falcons before moving on to play with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Tennessee Titans.

Despite having over 13,000 yards in his NFL career, Jones has yet to receive a Super Bowl ring which explains why he has become a journeyman right now.

If anyone thought that he lost a step, Jones proved them wrong. Despite having numerous injuries over the years, Jones has always managed to bounce back.

Players and coaches were excited to see Jones catch that touchdown pass against the Commanders.

“They worked on it long enough in practice, so we were like, it better work,” A.J. Brown said. “We were all excited, man, for the vet to get in the end zone.”

And the veteran seems to be thrilled to be with a true Super Bowl contender in the Eagles.

“It’s amazing. We just believe in one another,” Jones said. “They believe in me to go out there and execute and take advantage of the opportunity that’s given. But it was more so for the team, me going out there and playing my role and doing it to the best of my ability.”

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