eli manning

In the silliest controversy of 2017 so far, the New York Giants’ receivers have taken some criticism for flying to Miami on Sunday to party all night with Justin Bieber, Try Songz and others.

While we think the whole thing (particularly the picture of the receivers shirtless on a boat) was awesome, others have alleged that such unrepentant partying conveys a lack of responsibility or something.

Well the receivers’ quarterback, Eli Manning, weighed in Tuesday and gave the whole situation the levity it deserves, joking that his teammates packed poorly and bemoaning that he hadn’t been allowed in the photo.

Yeah Eli, it’s definitely possible this had something to do with it:

Props to Eli for diffusing the situation. Presumably as an NFL veteran he knows better than to get up in arms about a little carousing.

The Giants play the Packers on Sunday in the first round of the NFL Playoffs, which gives them some time to rest up and find some proper clothing. And if Odell Beckham drops a pass Sunday and you feel tempted to blame it on a late night with Trey Songz, we’ll know Eli Manning doesn’t see it that way.

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